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Dr. Cool Juice

Green & Apple Juice

Ingredients: Green apple, celery, kale, spinach.
Great for detox and weight loss.
Consume 3x daily as only meal for 3 days = loose 5 pounds or more. Consume 2x daily and eat 1 healthy meal for as many days as you like = loose at least 2 pounds. Consume 1x daily and eat 2 healthy meals for as long as you like = good for weight management. For maximum results, eliminate sugar and snacking from your diet as much as possible. Protein snack bars (some) and protein meals are okay. Caffeine is also good.
*Storing for 3 days or less is okay. More than that is not recommended. As with all juices, please order in advance. Freshly made to order in a 16 oz. bottle. No preservatives

1 Bottle $7.453 Bottles $216 Bottles $419 Bottles $60
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